Jan 13, 2014

Consumers expect simple eCommerce solutions on every company website as the desire to buy online has become so integrated into the way people purchase products today. While the primary purpose of eCommerce is to allow buyers to find what they want, put it in a shopping cart and make a purchase, supporting online sales has become such a common utility that just about anyone...

Nov 27, 2013

If you haven’t already tweaked your online store for maximum performance during the holiday season, now is the time to do it!

Nov 11, 2013

Over the past 10 years, the web has changed dramatically.  Website designs have gone from table layouts to responsive, multi-resolution, user-focused experiences.  Development has moved from scripts and hacks to large, stable, and expansive frameworks. 

Oct 23, 2013

DrupalCon Prague is now a distant but fond memory, and we want thank all of the Delivery Partners who were there for their support and commitment to Drupal Commerce. We also want to take this opportunity to update everyone on our progress with the Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner Program.

Sep 11, 2013

Join us in the Commerce Village, part of DrupalCon Prague, September 23-27

Prague offers beer, bridges, Bohemian charm... and for one week only, the finest minds in eCommerce. Come join them, and learn how to cross over from Drupal Mistr[2] to Commerce Mistr. Here's how:

Jul 29, 2013

If you are working in Drupal, chances are you start projects all the time. Once the discovery phase has been hammered out and you’re ready to “design in the browser” or whatever the fancy designers are trying to do these days, you have to start somewhere.

Jul 26, 2013

The Drupal ecosystem alongside with other open source technologies provides a toolset that is extremely valuable in the process of product development. 

Jul 17, 2013

It's one of those "be careful what you ask for" scenarios. We've built the Drupal Commerce modules and the very successful Commerce Kickstart distribution. What happens next is pretty crazy: A niche community developed around the modules.

Jul 9, 2013

Since the launch of the Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner program at DrupalCon Portland and my last blog describing our unique approach to partnering, we have received lots of interest from Drupal and non-Drupal integrators interested in expanding their Commerce business and leveraging the unique skills, expertise, and services of Commerce Guys to deliver projects quicker and with less risk. The following provides a brief overview of what we have been up to.