Recorded - Wednesday, October 28th
Speakers: Neeraj Gupta, Senior eCommerce product manager at Vantiv
Some fraudsters deploy relatively simple types of attacks that can readily be detected. Others, meanwhile, demonstrate a degree of planning, cunning, and execution that is, frankly, impressive – and troubling.
Recorded - August 26, 2015
Speakers: Matthew Grattan, Sr. National Director of Ecommerce for Avalara
As your eCommerce business expands into new markets and geographies, so do your tax compliance requirements. Best-in-Class organizations are adopting automated solutions to ensure standards are set; decisions are made where the risk of non-compliance is understood; and benefits are realized from a “one stop shop” of tax information that integrates across all customer order points, whether in line, online or mobile.
Recorded - July 30, 2015
Speakers: Evan Bailyn, Google Expert and CEO First Page Sage
Peter Drucker. Jim Collins. Malcolm Gladwell. Seth Godin. You know these people's names not because of their business accomplishments, but because of their published ideas.
July 1, 2015
Speakers: Robert Douglass, Director of Products, Platform.sh

Join us for a hour demo of Platform.sh - The groundbreaking development and hosting tool built by Commerce Guys.

Recorded: April 16, 2015
Speakers: Matthew Grattan, Sr. National Director of Ecommerce for Avalara
eCommerce is all about innovation and revenue growth. Successful eCommerce merchants are continuously evolving their content, products, pricing, design and personalization capabilities to drive more online orders. That said, there are 3 functions that every merchant needs to run their business
Recorded - March 5, 2015
Speakers: SensioLabs CEO Fabien Potencier & Commerce Guys CTO Damien Tournoud

Join SensioLabs CEO Fabien Potencier and Commerce Guys CTO Damien Tournoud for an in-depth look at SensioLabs’ new Blackfire.io performance profiler and how it can help you to unleash the power of Drupal and Symfony on Platform.sh.

Recorded - January 22, 2015
Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Solutions Architect

Next up in our ongoing Tech Talk Series: OpenID Connect.

December 9, 2014
Speakers: Florian Lorétan von Wunderkraut, Robert Douglass und Andrew Melck von Commerce Guys

Florian Lorétan from Wunderkraut, along with Robert Douglass and Andrew Melck from Commerce Guys will present on Continuous Delivery using Platform.sh.

Recorded - Nov 20, 2014
Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

Wanting to introduce an affiliate program to your store, but don't know where to start? Commerce Affiliate and Affiliate-NG are two modules that can help kick-start development of your affiliate program.

Recorded - November 12, 2014
Speakers: Gregory Rosenberg, Trustwave

With the PCI DSS version 3.0 implementation deadline around the corner, organizations should be thinking about ways to prepare for the new requirements


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