Building on a Foundation of SASS

Building on a Foundation of SASS

If you are working in Drupal, chances are you start projects all the time. Once the discovery phase has been hammered out and you’re ready to “design in the browser” or whatever the fancy designers are trying to do these days, you have to start somewhere.

Stop right there.

Let’s think for five seconds about the base theme before you reach for what you always use. Designing in Drupal is more than picking out a good color scheme and a unique layout. We’re building a communications platform, so picking the right foundation is important.

A whole bunch of Commerce Guys are converging upon Prague in late September. We hope you can join both Aaron Dudenhofer (an international theming rockstar at Commerce Guys) and Josh Miller (graphic design degree, self proclaimed geek who codes) during a fast-paced dissection of a few of the most popular base themes. Picking a foundation for your Drupal site is critical, something you will be dealing with for the life of the project.

  • Semantic Layouts: Zen 5 - We’re pretty sure Zen started the whole “base theme” craze at least a decade ago. So let’s look at the newest incarnation and leverage a new kind of CSS layout method called “Zen Grids.”
  • Quick Breakpoints: Omega Kickstart - Omega is a responsive and mobile-first theme that is widely used and supported by the Drupal community. Omega introduced Zones in addition to regions and blocks and brought with it a toolkit for putting theme settings in code.
  • Future Compass: Aurora - Aurora is made for themers who regularly use HTML 5, Sass, and Compass. It requires some compass plugins and works well with the Magic module. It also comes with integrations with Live Reload, Google Chrome Frame, and Typekit.
  • Blank Sheet Method: Bespoke Theme and SASS - Everyone one of us dreams of leaving behind the drawbacks of every base theme and just creating the one-off theme that works for everything we need and nothing else. Josh will uncover some awesome SASS methods for handling media queries and a few Drupal 7 theming gems for making your own quick theme without the training wheels.

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Technical Communicator
Posted July 29, 2013


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