Bridge the Gap at DrupalCon

Join us in the Commerce Village, part of DrupalCon Prague, September 23-27

Vítejte v Praze! [1]

Prague offers beer, bridges, Bohemian charm... and for one week only, the finest minds in eCommerce. Come join them, and learn how to cross over from Drupal Mistr[2] to Commerce Mistr. Here's how:

Step 1: Drink deeply

...and not just of that great Czech beer. Get your fill of knowledge from:

Step 2: Drink deeply

Still not satisfied?

Come by Commerce Village to see what our partners have for you. Payment service providers PayPal® and American Express® Payment Gateway will have their own booths; Personalization and recommendation engine partner Nosto will be on hand; and we'll have exciting news about Commerce Platform . Beat the rush: Request a meeting and prepare to be amazed!

While you're there, get your "Crossing the Bridge" card punched and try your hand at our bridge-building contest. (Top three bridge-builders get a Google Chromecast! ) Completed cards get a beer ticket (limited to 100) and are entered to win an Oculus Rift VR Developer's Kit.



Then it all comes to a head -- a rich, full-bodied head -- when you...

Step 3: Drink deeply

... at the Commerce Slavnost[3] on Wednesday from 3:15 to 3:45! Grab your beer, get yourself entered for the Oculus Rift VR Developer's Kit... and enjoy all that you gained by crossing over from content and community to COMMERCE. See you there!

Learn Czech: [1] Welcome to Prague!     [2]Master      [3]Celebration


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Posted September 11, 2013


Submitted by Jolice (not verified) on

Your Bridge the Gap at DrupalCon is great and i ever see some post in this

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