Product Development 101: How to build your product with Drupal

The Drupal ecosystem alongside with other open source technologies provides a toolset that is extremely valuable in the process of product development.

The high-quality contributed modules, the development framework through both the contrib space and Drupal core itself are all helpful in the process of building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). One of the success factors is that you can get feedback really early in the process, because putting the pieces together that the technology stack provides helps you to deliver business value within a really short time.

I had the opportunity to experience this power while I developed a product as a side-project over the past couple of months. The end result is a Drupal distribution, successfully delivered to customers in SaaS model.

Please provide me some feedback and comment on my DrupalCon session proposal if you would be interested in how Drupal helped me to form my product ideas, what architectural decisions have been made, what solutions and techniques have been chosen in and outside of Drupal and all the lessons have been learned.

Click here to see a list of all the proposed sessions we've submitted for Prague.

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Web Developer
Posted July 26, 2013

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