Just A Thought

Just A Thought

Creating new customers through "Thought Leadership"


Recorded - July 30, 2015
1 Hour
Webinar Speakers: 
Evan Bailyn, Google Expert and CEO First Page Sage
Peter Drucker. Jim Collins. Malcolm Gladwell. Seth Godin. You know these people's names not because of their business accomplishments, but because of their published ideas. These individuals have gained authority in their respective business niches and because of that, people trust their recommendations. Your company can be viewed in the same way by creating content that resonates with your customers and members of your industry.

In this presentation, best-selling author and highly-rated Vistage speaker Evan Bailyn will teach you exactly how to create a thought leadership campaign that both influences your industry and sways potential customers to think of your company when it needs what you sell.

The benefits of an effective thought leadership marketing campaign are not just limited to acquiring customers. Thought leadership also has the following side effects:
  • Talented individuals, now more aware of your company, may seek employment with you
  • Members of the press may look to your company for insight on industry news and trends, offering you exposure in trade publications and national news outlets
  • Business development opportunities may arise such as partnership requests, investment opportunities, and buyout offers
  • You may be offered speaking engagements or opportunities to write for industry publications

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About the Speaker

Evan Bailyn is an Internet entrepreneur and the bestselling author of Outsmarting Google. He is primarily known as a search engine optimization expert, having used his ability to rank at the top of Google to build and sell five businesses, including one of the largest children's Web sites in the country. Currently, he offers marketing services through his company, First Page Sage. Under Evan's tutelage, clients have established the predominant Web sites in their industries, become New York Times best-selling authors and won key elections. He has been interviewed on ABC and Fox News and featured in Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.