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**UPDATED** Project Management Sessions in Portland, Now With Extra Schedule Deliciousness!

** UPDATED ** We're going to live broadcast everything so those who are unable to join in person can still join virtually! Keep tabs on the #pmofs IRC chan and ask your questions (moderated by Don Vandemark) and we'll post the link to view here asap wednesday morning portland time.

Now also posted on Drupalcon Portland website!


The PMoF's Are Happening!

Commerce Kickstart : Visualizing the birth of a distro

Collaboration in open source is a key element to why it is so successful. You can see the effect of enabling collaboration in this video. In the first minute, it is just a couple guys working on the software. But then, they open a new branch, and invite the whole world to help contribute, and you see a swarm of activity that results as people cooperate and collaborate on building something that benefits everyone.


5 Reasons Drupalcamp Stockholm Was Häftigt!

I've been a little reluctant to go to camps if I'm being honest. They always gave off a "coders only!" kind of vibe, and not being a codemonkey myself, I was afraid of feeling useless or left out. This year I was lucky enough not only to attend this event, but to speak at it (I'd like to give very big thank you to the sponsors of Drupalcamp Stockholm and to Commerce Guys for making my trip to Stockholm possible!).

This camp was in a word: Awesome. They sold out, and for good reason! Here are my top 5 reasons for why this camp really rocked it: 

15 Secrets to Rocking Your Drupalcon

I absolutely love going to Drupalcons. The excitement is palpable and it's always so great to catch up with the core team, sponsors, speakers & other awesome contributors in person. But it wasn't always so for me! Chicago was overwhelming and I couldn't help but feel out of place, not to mention the killer bout of Drupal-Flu that had me sick as a dog for a week! But things have really changed since that first conference. Sydney was the best yet!

Introducing Turbo Tickets - Expert Help for Commerce

Our mission at Commerce Guys is that you succeed in eCommerce using Drupal. Over the past year and a half since we released Drupal Commerce 1.0, we've seen many successful Commerce sites launched, and it has become the most popular platform for doing eCommerce with Drupal. With over 400 new Commerce sites coming online every week, we know that there are a lot of people trying Commerce for the first time.


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