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Commerce Guys is pleased to sponsor Symfony Live

The Symfony Live events of this Fall (London, Berlin, NYC, Madrid) are around the corner, and for the first year, Commerce Guys is going to attend these events as a sponsor. Some people are wondering why, and I’d like to explain why Commerce Guys is very excited to engage with the Symfony community and its open source software vendor, SensioLabs.

In fact, there are 3 main reasons for Commerce Guys’ interest in Symfony and working tightly with SensioLabs:

These schools get an A+ with Drupal + Drupal Commerce

Colleges and Universities have overwhelmingly chosen Drupal as their CMS, and it’s a growing need for schools to use commerce functions to process a myriad of things, from registration and book sales to donations and permits. We just don’t think it makes sense to create these functions with a bolted-on commerce platform when Drupal Commerce provides such a smoothly integrated solution to serve a wide range of commerce needs at no cost. Leveraging the investment already made in knowledge, training and resources to serve commerce needs is the way to go. 

3 choses qui ralentissent le commerce mondial en ligne et comment les rectifier

Aussi attrayante qu’elle soit, l’expression « sensation mondiale instantanée » est une contradiction. La mondialisation exige de prendre des mesures stratégiques et celles-ci requièrent de la recherche et une certaine réflexion. Les sensations qui sont effectivement instantanées sont généralement des succès sans lendemain, et rares. Pour développer une stratégie mondiale réussie et durable, il vous faut prendre le temps de régler les choses qui ralentissent le commerce mondial, puis de pouvoir profiter de la vitesse à laquelle vous réussissez, une fois ces éléments de base en place. 


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