Sneak preview of the new Commerce Kickstart 2.0

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is now available as a developer release on We’ve been working since March on this completely new distribution and we're now asking you, the Commerce developer community, to help us add the final touches. There's a lot left to do, but a full release – worthy of building your next mission critical eCommerce site – will be ready by DrupalCon Munich, in August (see Ryan's session on the topic).

The new version of Kickstart is a complete eCommerce website for selling physical goods through an online store. It shows all of the best practices for setting up and managing a Drupal Commerce store, including a greatly simplified user experience for store managers. It also features a beautiful new theme with out-of-the-box responsive design.

Features for store managers or site builders:

Features for customers:

Augustin Delaporte and I will be presenting a sneak peek of the new Commerce Kickstart 2.0 at the Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona this weekend. Hope to see you there!

Simplified product entry and creation

If you’re already familiar with Drupal Commerce, or the previous version of Kickstart, you’re familiar with the many steps that were needed to first create products and then separately create product displays. Kickstart 2.0 has addresses this head-on, and offers simplified on-site product entry and management. The creation of products has been combined with the creation of product displays and consolidated onto one form. See the Inline Entity Form module for more details.

Simplified product entry with inline entity form

Simplified product and order management screens

New product overview and order history screens have been added to simplify the work of shop administrators. Search and filter masks are combined with bulk updates to facilitate dealing with large numbers of products and orders.

Product management page

Improved order workflow screen

Discounts and coupons

Coming soon: A new user interface for offering Rules-based discounts on products, such as “15% off for the month of July”, or “Free shipping for orders over $99”.

Discount management

Commerce Analytics

Commerce Guys Commerce Analytics provides realtime analyatics integration tracks products, campaigns, affiliates, and social channels to help you learn what is driving the most returns and contributing to profitability.

Social logins

Customers can authenticate with Facebook, Google, or Twitter. The system is extensible to include any OAuth based authentication system.

Product slideshows

Show off your products in the best way by easily adding them to a slideshow, like the one featured on the Kickstart front page.

Product slideshow on frontpage

Faceted product search

Customers will find exactly the products they're looking for with the new faceted product search. Conditional facets and a graphical product grid help people drill down to the items they are looking for.

Faceted product search

Address book has been rebuilt

Customers now have great tools for managing their billing and shipping addresses right from their user profile.

Customer managed billing and shipping addresses

Image zoom feature

Customers can inspect the fine details of product photos with the nifty image zoom feature.

Product display page with image zoom

Fancy product attributes

Color attributes on products render as actual colors, making product displays look crisp and clean.

Fancy color attributes

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Drupal Commerce 2.x Lead
Posted June 14, 2012


Submitted by j0rd (not verified) on

Drupal Commerce 1.0 while a great piece of work, lacked much of the features needed to actually be site owner usable. It looks like the work you guys are doing for the second round has addressed most of my concerns and I'm looking forward to attempting to build sites with Drupal Commerce again. Kudos to the team.
drupal commerce themes and development

Submitted by patrickd (not verified) on

Wow, that looks really awesome! Thanks for the hard work guys! :)
Now I'm looking forward to build my first commerce site even more ;-)

you rock

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

This is really really exciting stuff! With commerce being so complex, having a functional kickstart is really going to spur adoption.

One question though-- can it be used to sell registrations to events? A common request i get a lot lately for a COD type site that handles registrations for events in addition to swag.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Ok, I give up-- there's no 2.x package on the project page and all the download links on the "view all releases" page are broken.

where do we go to try it out/contribute?

Submitted by adrian (not verified) on

what are the differences ?


Submitted by Ryan on

When packages an installation profile, it does it in three ways, listed here in order of the packages you listed above:

  • With the specified version of Drupal core, the installation profile, and all of its dependent modules included.
  • With the installation profile and all of its dependent modules included (but without the specified version of Drupal core).
  • Just the installation profile without its dependent modules.

Some of Commerce Kickstart 2.x's modules and themes are contained in the actual installation profile repository, so those will still be available with the third option, but other contributed modules that Drupal Commerce depends on (such as Views and Rules) would not be.

Submitted by Je Kyran (not verified) on

Creating this v2 distro was a great idea, but the execution is truly impressive. This not only showcases the Commerce module but actually showcases Drupal 7 in a fantastic way.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Submitted by busel7 (not verified) on

Keren is mean for Cool. Nice work guys. 5 thumbs up for Commerce 2

Submitted by drupleg (not verified) on

Sigh.... so I'm planning to launch my new Drupal Commerce 1.0 next week..... but I GOTTA have these new features. Can I upgrade 1.0 to 2.0? Or do I have to start fresh 2.0?

Submitted by bojanz on

This is an install profile, so no upgrading, only installing from scratch.

If you're launching next week that means that the site is ready.
Kickstart v2 is not, it is in an alpha state, and in constant flux, so launching a site on it is not a smart idea before Munich anyway (unless you're an awesome developer interested in helping out and not getting frustrated with the occasional and more-than-occasional bugs ;)).

That said, ping me on #drupal-commerce and we can discuss how you can integrate individual features that you find interesting. They are divided nicely to separate contrib modules, so you might be able to take advantage of some of them right now.

Submitted by drupleg (not verified) on

Most of my site is autogenerated from scratch by importing spreadsheets when products are added or updated, so the new UI deliciousness won't be needed until I hand off the site to the client in a few months. For now I'm going live with what we have. I use Aegir for development which does allow for easy upgrading via install profiles, so I'll experiment with a copy of the current 1.0 site cloned to the Kickstart 2.0 install profile and contribute back with my experience. Awesome work Commerce Guys! Thanks!

Submitted by Mike Chelen (not verified) on

A guide on how to add these features to existing Commerce sites would be really helpful.
Just gave V2 a try, and it looks great!

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Would love to try out some of these features on my current v1 store, wherever possible.

Submitted by Pink96 (not verified) on

I have this version installed

I love the Kv2 layout.. I am trying to replace many of the elements and products with my own. How do I go about doing that without messing up the current layout.

should I install this version if I want a functional and stable site today?

Submitted by dddave (not verified) on

This looks fracking awesome! I always wanted to tip my toes in the Commerce pond but really feared the climb up the 1.0 hill. This looks neat, very well thought through any darn sexy. Kudos!

Submitted by Dexter0015 (not verified) on

Wow, men you do really good stuff in this 2.0 ! Looks awesome !

I'm actually building my first e-commerce website, starting with 1.0 and it's already nice, but all that new front/back options/features looks really really great.

Drupal Commerce become more and more powerfull and user friendly every days...

Thank for your great works guys.

I look forward to test it...

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

Love what you have done with the kickstart profile. I would love to see the product bundle module incorporated also.

Submitted by Seph (not verified) on

Looks awesome! What's the best procedure for installing kickstart in an already existing Drupal site? Do I need to replace Views, Rules, Entity and other contrib modules with the ones in Kickstart?

Submitted by bojanz on

Kickstart is for new installs only. It will be possible to install most of the enhancements separately, but for now it should really be evaluated as a whole. Furthermore, it is alpha quality (we are tagging alpha1 tonight) and shouldn't be let anywhere near production sites.

Submitted by Seph (not verified) on

What about the no core version of Kickstart 1.8? I have one existing site I need to add Commerce to, and another in dev that I can wait on a bit. Please excuse me, I'm still relatively new to Drupal and still learning about some of this. Thanks!

Submitted by Joe Moraca (not verified) on

I installed the V2 branch today - there are a few rough edges during the install but from my view it is going to be awesome when it is ready.

Submitted by rearndt (not verified) on

Please ditch the themes, or at least allow the user to choose Bartik from the installation! The underlying framework is a marvelous advancement, but it's obscured by the hideous, amateurish design. I realize this is a subjective observation, but please give the user the opportunity to use Bartik at least until they can create a custom theme for their purposes. I promise the new design will retard adoption.

Submitted by bojanz on

All core themes are still there, and you can switch to them after installation if the custom Kickstart ones don't suit your taste.

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

Great work!
But you forgot about SEO. There is no h1 tag on product cart and category. It's very important tag and I hope you add it to your kickstart

Submitted by Kasper Souren (not verified) on

There are some cool features in v2 that I'd like to integrate in our existing work. I hope it will be easy to upgrade from existing setups.

Submitted by Morphim (not verified) on

Just trying out the 2.0 install profile. Not sure if this is me or not (I've installed Drupal / Ubercart with without profiles many times) but the various stages of install.php keep presenting a white page. I then have to either refresh (worked on two occasions) or go back to the first step. It then jumps to the step it was on when it whet white.
Just a point of note really. Hope this makes sense. Also HTH

Submitted by Ian Griffith (not verified) on

I have spent he best part of developing a e-store on and off and as non developer the new vesrion sounds great as it includes a lot of things i had to jurry rig. Can I suggest combining a bit of the app version of drupal as that also looks promising. Keep up the work and thanks to everyone out there for your posts. They were invaluable. Cheers Ian G (Eudlo QLD Aust)

Submitted by Dane Hession (not verified) on

Awesome, thank you All so much. My clients are hard pressed to figure out the product / displays. This is going to wipe out requests for Word Press! Drupal overcomes again!

Submitted by Nisus (not verified) on

We were using drupalcommerce and kickstart in the beginning.I have installed the Alpha version I couldn't believe its amazing :)
Hope you can release the beta very soon


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Very awsome guys!!! One thing... the theme is beautiful but is a bit huge...

Submitted by dianikol (not verified) on

I guess modules for the first version won't work with version 2. right?

Submitted by bojanz on

Everything still works! It's the same Drupal 7 with the same Commerce 1.x, we've just added lots of magic on top :)

Submitted by Patrick Richards (not verified) on

Faceted Search is the best. And I love the theme too. You guys are awesome--thanks for all the hard work!

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