Just released: Commerce Kickstart’s first beta

We’ve been writing a lot about Commerce Kickstart 2, because so much is happening. In June, Bojan laid out most of the big features we planned, then a month later I talked about why it’s great for site builders. Commerce Kickstart product page Today we released Beta 1: You can get 7.x-2.0-beta1 from the list of releases on the Commerce Kickstart project page, or see a full list of packaging options and release notes from the release page. With DrupalCon Munich only about ten days away, I want you to know how much has happened in the last month... and will drop a few hints about what we’ll have at DrupalCon.

Commerce Kickstart is off to a running start

But first, some statistics. Even though it’s only been available in -dev and -alpha versions, over 250 sites are using Commerce Kickstart 2 already. To me, that’s a sign that we’re on to something big. In addition, we’ve made over 450 commits to the project, and closed over 250 issues since starting work on the 2.x branch. So what’s changed? First, we’ve further streamlined the installation process so you can make a lot of decisions up front, and ultimately save time building stores. Take a look: Commerce Kickstart Installation

It’s looking better and better

Mike Anello raved about it on the latest DrupalEasy podcast, saying “I was blown away... It's probably the nicest installer I've seen on a Drupal distribution to date”. The installer is just one example of user interface changes to make Drupal Commerce sites better for both customers and administrators. Here’s another: The Orders page now lets you search on a variety of criteria, and perform bulk operations on the found set. Commerce Kickstart Order Management Along those lines, we’ve engaged Jake Strawn to create a new Drupal Commerce-optimized base theme that is powered by his responsive Omega theme. The result is a site that looks as good (and works as well) on mobile devices as it does on a traditional computer. Commerce Kickstart on iPhone

At DrupalCon...

This is an incredibly busy time for us. First, we’re hoping to have a Release Candidate (RC) available at DrupalCon... and I think we’ll make it. Second, we’re going to announce something that means opportunity to everyone who develops sites using Commerce Kickstart, or who’s created a service or technology that works well with it. We’ll be actively seeking partners, so be sure to stop by the booth and see what we have. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Posted August 10, 2012


Submitted by Gonzalo Ramírez (not verified) on

I've looked at all commerce kickstart pages and haven't been able to find any information on the upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x. I believe it should be a pretty important aspect of all these anouncements about 2.x... any hints?

Submitted by bojanz on

There won't be any upgrade path, Kickstart is a distribution for new sites.
An existing site has many assumptions that we wouldn't know how to "upgrade".
You will be able to install the Kickstart v2 modules & themes separately, which would give you all of the big features such as the product / order management, dashboard, omega kickstart theme, etc.
There will be a blog post about that after DrupalCon Munich and a released Release Candidate.

Submitted by Benjamin (not verified) on

I have been trying out alot of stuff with commerce kickstart. At a glance, this very interesting. Thumbs up for the team. Nice job

Submitted by Tom Tran (not verified) on

Saves me a ton of time. Thanks Guys! Great distribution and theme. I will built an ecommerce site for a client with this distro. Maybe I am allowed to write a case study once finished and share the story how neat this package is.

I am also planning to design ready made shops based off Commerce Kickstart once it's stable released. Hope small clients will love it more than shopify and some other solutions out there.


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Submitted by pdeclarens (not verified) on

I have AJAX error while installing.
I have set the Memory_limit to 256M...
this is error messahe:
An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows. Path: StatusText: OK ResponseText: ( ! ) Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in C:\wamp\www\commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.0-beta1\profiles\commerce_kickstart\modules\commerce_kickstart\demo_content\commerce_kickstart_user\commerce_kickstart_user.module on line 61 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0008147128{main}( )..\install.php:0 20.0098380248install_drupal( )..\install.php:26 32.17544964432install_run_tasks( )..\install.core.inc:79 49.578819367272install_run_task( )..\install.core.inc:342 59.581119421616_batch_page( )..\install.core.inc:452 69.582119426184_batch_do( )..\batch.inc:80 79.582119426216_batch_process( )..\batch.inc:161 89.587819547616call_user_func_array ( )..\batch.inc:284 99.587819547640_commerce_kickstart_enable_module( )..\batch.inc:284 109.587819547856module_enable( )..\commerce_kickstart.install_callbacks.inc:26 1112.271923377264module_invoke( )..\module.inc:484 1212.271923377488call_user_func_array ( )..\module.inc:826 1312.272023377584commerce_kickstart_block_enable( )..\module.inc:826 1412.272023377848features_include( )..\commerce_kickstart_block.install:12 1512.304323617816ctools_features_declare_functions( )..\features.module:338 1612.304323617888_ctools_features_get_info( )..\features.ctools.inc:9 1712.304323617992features_get_info( )..\features.ctools.inc:228 1812.304323618760system_rebuild_module_data( )..\features.module:593 1912.304423619000_system_rebuild_module_data( )..\system.module:2442 2015.058523924048drupal_alter( )..\system.module:2414 2115.058523924128field_system_info_alter( )..\module.inc:1049 2215.065223956344l( )..\field.module:379 2315.065223956792theme_get_registry( )..\common.inc:2380 2415.065323957616call_user_func_array ( )..\theme.inc:276 2515.065323957952_theme_load_offline_registry( )..\theme.inc:276 2615.065323957968_theme_build_registry( )..\theme.maintenance.inc:91 2716.398129455224_theme_process_registry( )..\theme.inc:686 2816.398129477168views_theme( 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5817.192633129320eva_get_views( )..\eva.module:21 5917.193632894760views_get_applicable_views( )..\eva.module:130 6017.193632894952views_get_all_views( )..\views.module:1389 6117.193732895056ctools_export_crud_load_all( )..\views.module:1432 6217.193732895128ctools_export_load_object( )..\export.inc:148 6317.195432902896_ctools_export_get_defaults( )..\export.inc:491 6417.373135125952comment_views_default_views( )..\export.inc:675 6517.384135504440views_db_object->new_display( )..\comment.views_default.inc:25 6617.384135504632views_db_object->add_display( )..\view.inc:2411 6717.384135504728views_fetch_plugin_data( )..\view.inc:2315 6817.384235504760_views_fetch_plugin_data( )..\views.module:1256 6917.384235504792views_discover_plugins( )..\cache.inc:96 7017.386435523304entity_views_plugins( )..\plugins.inc:414 7117.386435523336views_fetch_data( )..\entity.views.inc:319 7217.386435523432_views_fetch_data( )..\views.module:1245 7317.386635523552module_invoke_all( )..\cache.inc:29 7417.397735797808call_user_func_array ( )..\module.inc:850 7517.397835797904entity_views_data( )..\module.inc:850 7617.398235799240CommerceDiscountViewsController->views_data( )..\entity.views.inc:33 7717.398235799240EntityDefaultViewsController->views_data( )..\commerce_discount.views.inc:17 7817.398435800400EntityDefaultViewsController->schema_fields( )..\entity.views.inc:385 7917.398435800400entity_get_property_info( )..\entity.views.inc:399 8017.398535800496module_invoke_all( )..\entity.property.inc:37 8117.408035854096call_user_func_array ( )..\module.inc:850 8217.408035854192entity_entity_property_info( )..\module.inc:850 8317.415935876816MessageMetadataController->entityPropertyInfo( )..\entity.info.inc:24 8417.417435882688message_type_load( )..\message.info.inc:55 8517.417435882808entity_load_multiple_by_name( )..\message.module:547 8617.417435882888entity_load( )..\entity.module:150 8717.417435882920EntityAPIControllerExportable->load( )..\common.inc:7791 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If someone has solutions or if there is a special forum to go at...


Submitted by aem34 (not verified) on


thank you for all the hard work !
could you please make the shipping non-mandatory in the modules & features depencies,
or simply put, make it an option during the install ?

for selling services or files no shipping is better :)

Submitted by bojanz on

Commerce Kickstart aims to optimize the use case of selling physical products (though the initial V2 release won't have more than shipping in that regard), so Shipping will always be enabled by default after install.

That said, I will look into making it easier to disable Shipping, and make sure that gets documented.

Submitted by aem34 (not verified) on


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