Check out Commerce Kickstart 2

If you’re planning to build, pitch, or run an eCommerce-enabled site soon, grab the new version of Commerce Kickstart and take a look (get the latest 7.x-2 release). We’ve continued to refine the features that Bojan wrote about last month, both for site builders and customers.

As a quick recap, here’s what it looks like:
Commerce Kickstart screenshot

That’s what you get by default — it’s an unretouched screen shot taken immediately after installation. Nice!

While Bojan focused on features, I want to point out Commerce Kickstart’s benefits. Here’s what you get:

  • A better-designed site. Commerce Kickstart’s presentation is based on the Omega theme, which is easy to modify and gives you HTML5 compliance and a mobile-ready responsive design for free.
  • Improved administration. Product creation; module control; and product, order, and customer management are all easier on Commerce Kickstart than on core Drupal Commerce.
  • A much better user experience. It’s a pleasure to shop on the Commerce Kickstart demo site. Products look better, checkout is easier, and there’s faceted search to lead customers to what they want faster.
  • A demo for client presentations. Just change some graphics and product details to effectively show clients the possibilities.
  • Faster development. Commerce Kickstart shaves days off your setup process. That’s time you can dedicate to the site’s requirements.

Our offices in France and the U.S. are hives of activity to make Commerce Kickstart amazing for DrupalCon Munich. But don’t wait until then: Take 15 minutes to try it now so you can offer your clients — and yourself — a better way to start an eCommerce site.

Robert Douglass's picture
Director of Products
Posted July 15, 2012


Submitted by trs t (not verified) on

Thanks. I saw that 'Sneak Preview' during the last week of June and took the highlighting of 'a lot left to do' to go and revisit 1.x.

Glad to be reading this before trundling too far down the 1.x path before considering 2.x.


Submitted by Sean Larkin (not verified) on

Fantastic! Can't wait to check it out. ThinkShout's hoping to sprint on a lightweight integration with RedHen CRM with Kickstarter 2 in early August.

Submitted by bojanz on

Let me know if I can assist in any way.

Submitted by Garrett Albright (not verified) on

So now what people will see immediately after installing Commerce Kickstart now is… a pot leaf? Hmm, that falls a bit short of classy.

Submitted by bojanz on

You're completely right.
We haven't reviewed or tweaked the text and images since the demo content was added, and that obviously needs to happen before beta1.
Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted by oops (not verified) on

Oops, that link to "take 15 minutes to try it now" is broken. I know because I happen to have 15 minutes right now and going to try it now. I assume you were probably linking to:

Looks like a good project.

Submitted by dddave (not verified) on

Or mental, or whatever. I am out of words. This might be the most rocking thing Drupal since, well, ever. Great, great work!

Submitted by E (not verified) on

Just downloaded the latest version and gave it a run. Looks great and has a lot of features that are needed to make Drupal usable from an Admin standpoint. Ran into problems when I tried adding my own product categories and products. They wouldn't show up in the store for some reason...
Looking forward to more refined development as Drupalcon approaches...

Submitted by bojanz on

Yep, definitely some problems there. It's very near the top of my todo list.
We're planning to redo the content / product type screens completely.

So stay tuned!

Submitted by matt (not verified) on

this could be the largest open source ecommerce project

Submitted by Geert Willemarck (not verified) on

Last year I fell in love with Drupal. Now I want to build my first webshop in Drupal. Choosing for Drupal always means one has to make some important decisions. Choosing for Drupal Commerce (and not for Ubercart) was the easiest decision. Because I have no experience, I also decided to use the Kickstart profile. Choosing between v2 and v1 of the profiles is the hardest decision. v2 looks very promising, but at the moment there is almost no documentation available yet. I want to create my own content types and product types, but not everything works as expected.
I hope some good documentation will be available very soon.

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