Commerce Module Tuesday: Inline Entity Form

The Inline Entity Form provides a widget for reference fields that allows inline management (add / edit / delete) of referenced entities. It provides an excellent solution to the product display -> product UI problems, allowing the products (called "variations" in the UI) to be managed from the product display add / edit page.
The module also provides a more modern line item management widget, that allows store owners to edit custom fields that are attached to those line items.

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Drupal Commerce 2.x Lead
Posted April 24, 2012


Submitted by Kirill (not verified) on

Great module! Is it possible to reference an existing product or entity? Or is it planned to add this functionality in future?

Submitted by josh on


This module provides a field interpreter for product reference fields. Therefore, once enable and configured, it should work on all past, present, and future product variations.


Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on

how did you get the attributes field to appear in the inline entity form?

Submitted by jaffa (not verified) on


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