Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is LIVE!

It’s hard to believe that the official release of Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is finally here! I remember brainstorming what this distribution would be like last February in the office. We had sticky notes hung all over with wall with ideas. It’s amazing how many of the things on our wish list were achieved!

People were expecting a lot from this release. My boss was asking me every week “What about the release, is it going to happen soon?” I hope you won’t be disappointed (you better not ☺), we tried to satisfy many of the requests coming from the issue queue, we’ve been working hard to include as many as fixes and features as we can.

There has been a lot written about what is inside Kickstart, so I won’t repeat it again here. Instead, there are many people that made Commerce Kickstart 2.0 what it is today, and I want to thank them! I apologize in advanced if anyone was left out.

Damien Tournoud and Alison Simmons for creating the Commerce Guys product strategy and leading the initial creation of Commerce Kickstart v2.

Alison Simmons and Bojhan Somers for creating the amazing Kickstart UX.

Ryan Szrama, for creating Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart v1, as well as helping us define what Kickstart v2 should look like.

Bojan Zivanovic, for leading the effort to get Kickstart up to a stable release.

Nicolas Meyer, developer for Commerce Guys for his 113 commits on KS.

Théo Brigitte, developer for Commerce Guys for his 81 commits on KS.

Aaron Dudenhofer and Mickaël Mao, the theming guys maintainers of Shiny and Omega Kickstart themes.

Augustin Delaporte, Kickstart project manager and issue queue maintainer.

Nikola Kotur, developer for Commerce Guys.

Tavi Toporjinschi, developer for Commerce Guys

Josh Miller, technical communicator for Commerce Guys for the documentation and the Kickstart tips.


I’d also like to thank the contributors of Kickstart related modules:

Julien Dubois for Views Megarow.

Pedro Cambra and Jonathan Kuma for Commerce Discount.

Nicolas Meyer for Commerce Add to Cart Confirmation and his work on Kickstart.

Andy Giles for helping with Inline Entity Form and other contribs.

Andreas Hennings for creating the Crumbs module and working with us to improve it and integrate it into Kickstart.


Our partner, Gizra, put a lot of work into both Kickstart (Discounts, PayLeap, Commerce Message...) and Commerce Marketplace. 


Testers gave us so much helpful feedback:

  - Richard Jones from Ikos

  - Nathan Lisgo from Ikos

  - Lars Olesen, who also contributed some patches.


The screenshot below says it all!

Download Commerce Kickstart

Posted December 20, 2012


Submitted by Erik torgosPizza (not verified) on

This looks like an amazing release. I can't wait to try it out.

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