Commerce Guys seeking Drupal and e-commerce talent

Fourteen months and thousands of lines of code ago, Commerce Guys and af83 decided to join forces to build a powerful open-source e-commerce platform for Drupal 7. Hot on the heels of the release of Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce has gone Beta a few days ago. A stable release version of Drupal Commerce is not far off.

This has been made possible because we and a lot of other people believe that Drupal 7 has what it takes to become a leading solution for professional e-commerce websites. Drupal Commerce has already seen code sprints and presentations around the globe and been strengthened by hundreds of commits to the code ... and it's only getting started! We were heartened and very excited that some major e-commerce websites chose to adopt Drupal Commerce while it was still in Alpha. These choices will flourish and bear fruit as early as Q2 of 2011 ... and again, this is just the beginning.

Two of the people who believe in Drupal Commerce the most are Ryan Szrama (VP Community and Co-Founder of Commerce Guys) and Damien Tournoud (CTO of Commerce Guys). Ryan brings to the table three years of experience as project lead of the Ubercart e-commerce project. Damien was one of the key architects and contributors behind Drupal 7. Both of them now devote their time and energy to Drupal Commerce. They are focused on building it right from the first line of code up, and leveraging the incredible innovations that Drupal 7 contains.

At Commerce Guys, our goal is to lead the community development effort, support integrators and their development teams in their Drupal Commerce projects, and work on big commerce projects ourselves! Since we are already experiencing demand and we expect more to come, we want to strengthen our US and European teams.

We are seeking developers (Drupal and e-commerce), as well as project managers in three locations:

  • Paris (France): 4 developers, 1 consultant, 1 project manager

  • Jackson (Michigan) : 5 developers, 2 project managers

  • San Francisco (California): 2 Drupal Commerce Consultants

Who are we looking for? You should be knowledgeable and experienced, sure ... but are you curious, ambitious and willing to learn? Do you want to be a part of redefining the future of e-commerce? Good start!

We live and breathe open source. We value community involvement very, very highly. Can you commit to sharing your knowledge and experience with others in the Drupal and web communities, your colleagues, our partners in other Drupal shops, and clients? Great!

We love that Drupal and the web have no borders. Our company and clients are very multicultural and we would love to enrich that even further. What can you offer us?

If you are interested in learning a lot while working on challenging projects in a friendly environment, send us your resumé. Alternatively, feel free to come have a chat with us at the many camps, cons (We'll be in Chicago in 6 weeks !) and expos we attend around the world! We'll be very happy to discuss the opportunities we have to offer in person.

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Posted February 3, 2011

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