Commerce Guys Career Application

Commerce Guys is the driving force behind Drupal Commerce, and we're on a mission to deliver better ways of doing eCommerce through open-source solutions. Along with innovative technology, we offer our customers world-class consulting, training, expert development, and support.

We're always interested in recruiting top-notch talent for our offices in Southeast Michigan, London, England and Paris, France. We also welcome remote workers for certain roles. We value enthusiasm, team spirit, and a constant desire to expand personal knowledge and contribute to the Drupal community. We provide a multi-cultural, casual and balanced work environment. 

Here's why you might be interested in working with us:

  • We are the leaders in Drupal eCommerce.
  • Our work culture thrives on the same spirit of collaboration and innovation that drives the open-source community.
  • You'll learn and grow with the foremost Drupal experts.
  • You could find yourself at some of the most exciting events around the world.
  • You'll be a part of industry-leading eCommerce solutions.

“I value the ability to work on complex projects that make me think bigger than I have before.” Michael Fuerstnau, Commerce Guys