Webinar: How will the Marketplace Fairness Act Affect You

Webinar: How will the Marketplace Fairness Act Affect You

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December 18, 2013
9am EST(3pm CET) & 2pm EST (11am PST)
1 Hour
Webinar Speakers: 
Jonathan Barsade, CEO & Founder, Exactor

Just in case you were too busy these last few months, let’s recap: this might be the last holiday season where you might think you do not have to charge sales taxes on items you sell online.

First some background – for years retailers have taken advantage of a loophole and not charged sales taxes for online sales. Naturally, brick-and-mortar stores complained about the unfair advantage. A few months ago, the Senate passed with an overwhelming, bipartisan, majority the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) that provides states the power to enforce sales tax rules on all online sales – even when the purchaser and seller reside in different states. The bill is now before the House. While the obligation to collect sales tax on online transactions already exists, undoubtedly the passing of the MFA and the approval of the Amazon laws, will significantly empower states to more aggressively enforce their rules.

The purpose of this session is to learn more about the state of online sales taxes, what is the MFA; how and why it should concern you; what you can do in anticipation; and how you can use Commerce Guys built in sales tax module to protect yourself with no disruption to your customer experience and minimal investment of time and resources.

Jonathan Barsade is the CEO and founder of Exactor, Inc. Exactor is one of the only companies certified by state departments of revenue to provide 100% accurately calculated sales taxes and to electronically file sales tax returns. Exactor’s expertise is fully automated online sales taxes services. Commerce Guys has partnered with Exactor to fully integrate the Exactor sales tax solution into Commerce KickStart and Drupal Commerce so that merchants, site-builders and developers do not need to invest any development resources in order to benefit from this highly accurate, reliable and cost effective solution.

Program Notes: 
We're offering two sessions to fit into everyones "global" schedule. Content at both sessions will be the same.

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