Webinar: The big news from Drupal Con

Webinar: The big news from Drupal Con

Learn about our three new eCommerce Tools


September 13, 2012
Two times - 9am eastern & 2pm eastern
1 Hour
Webinar Speakers: 
Robert Douglass, Director of Product Operations

Watch a replay of our webinar - recapping our exciting product launches revealed at DrupalCon Munich Another DrupalCon has come and gone. This one was incredibly exciting for Commerce Guys. We announced three new groundbreaking eCommerce tools built on Drupal Commerce, the open-source eCommerce platform for Drupal 7. With their launch, we provide even more flexibility for organizations and individuals looking to capitalize on the power of Drupal for running an eCommerce site. We invite you to join us on September 13 for an 1 hour webinar where we'll review the tools we launched, focusing on Kickstart 2.0, the powerful (and free) distribution that installs an fully-functional Drupal Commerce site quickly and easily.... so you can skip to the good stuff. We'll also talk about Commerce Platform, our new cloud-based hosting solution, optimized for Drupal Commerce and Commerce Marketplace, the center for proven Drupal Commerce enhancements. Commerce Guys' Robert Douglass, who made the announcement to a packed house at DrupalCon Munich, will walk us through the details on all three new eCommerce tools. For anyone who missed it, It will be just like you were there!


Watch the Webinar:
The Big News from DrupalCon

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