Commerce Guys Training

Our training gets eCommerce developers and managers quickly up to speed on Drupal Commerce, so they can better secure and accelerate their projects.

We review and update our trainings regularly to keep up with the fast-evolving state of Drupal Commerce. With several trainings a year delivered by experts who work directly on Commerce projects, our students consistently give us the highest ratings.

Discover Drupal Commerce

This two-day training demonstrates the native functionality of Drupal Commerce and how it integrates with Drupal 7. The training is aimed at developers, site builders and project managers. Developer topics will be covered, but you do not have to be a developer to attend - there is no code.

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Drupal Commerce For Developers

This three-day training covers the inner-workings of  Drupal  Commerce, developing  with Commerce, and leveraging  key Drupal 7  functionalities  for Commerce integration.  The training also includes discussion and examples of how to use contributed modules to extend Commerce functionality, including importing products, managing client addresses, handling stock and shipping rates.

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Drupal Commerce Master Class

Commerce Guys, in partnership with leading French open-source developers Linagora, are offering a comprehensive Drupal Master Class. This two-week (10 day) training is aimed at companies and individuals who lack direct Drupal experience but want to convert their existing developer skills into Drupal Commerce-ready skills.

Starting with an introduction to Drupal and Drupal-specific PHP classes, the training takes students through developing with Commerce and an overview of managing Drupal projects with Drush, Git and continuous integration.

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In 2019 Commerce Guys rebranded to Centarro.

Change is at the center of eCommerce, but our team and mission remain the same.

Our consulting, development, and support offerings apply our expertise to help you adapt to change and grow.

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