DrupalCon Prague - Wrap Up

DRUPALCON Prague Presentations

As part of DrupalCon Prague, we hosted presentations from Partners and Commerce Guys in the Village Square, Part of the Commerce Village. We explored Drupal Commerce and the network of modules that make it the fastest growing open-source eCommerce platform today.

Our "Guys" also gave several open sessions on a variety of Topics. Below are recordings of each of the presentations given over the 3 days of the Con. Enjoy!


D8 Lessons Learned and How We Can Make D9 Better
DRUPALCON Public Session

Recorded September 24th, 2013 @ 10:45am

Watch Partner Manager Shannon Vettes talk about her experience as a project manager on Drupal 8 and hear her thoughts on how the #community can make Drupal 9 better!

Everything is Commerce: Beyond the Shopping Cart
DRUPALCON Public Session

Recorded September 24th, 2013 @ 10:45am

In this session, Scott Dahlgren & Ryan Szrama from Commerce Guys will show you how Drupal Commerce is a competitive framework for high profile eCommerce projects and how Commerce Guys can help you win large eCommerce bids.

Drupal Commerce Success Stories by Adapt
Village Square Session

Recorded September 24th @ 12:30pm

Kresten Wiingaard, CEO at Adapt talks about why they have choosen Drupal Commerce to provide eCommerce for their clients.

Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner Program Overview
Village Square Session

Recorded September 24th @ 1pm

Scott Dahlgren from Commerce Guys gives an overview of the Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner Program and talks about the reasons a Drupal Agency whould want to team up with Commerce Guys to win eCommerce projects.
Click here to download the slides for this presentation.
Learn about PayPal payments for Drupal Commerce. Now part of Commerce Kickstart, PayPal offers an easy universal payment gateway for your Drupal Commerce store. Bob Angus, Partner Marketing Manager with PayPal describes the easy set up and configuration and discusses reasons why PayPal is a must for any eCommerce site.
Note: This session was recorded as part of DrupalCon Portland

Deliver Personalized Recomendations w/Nosto
Village Square Session

Recorded September 25th @ 10:45am

Watch Issac Moshe of Nosto show how product recommendations can increase conversion rates and improve profits. And see how easy it is to integrate on your Drupal Commerce Site.

i-KOS Case Study: Krispy Kreme & SagePay
Village Square Session

Recorded September 25th @ 12pm

Richard Jones from i-KOS delivers a case study on how they used Drupal Commerce to deliver an eCommerce site for Krispy Kreme in the UK.

Composing Drupals Future
DRUPALCON Public Session

Recorded September 25th, 2013 @ 3:45pm

Watch Commerce Guy's Kris Vanderwater and others talk about components could give benefit to the entire Drupal community by spreading the influence of our code and our culture into the greater PHP world. This session will outline both the current state of Drupal components & what a possible future of Drupal components could look like.

Commerce Without Borders
DRUPALCON Public Session

Recorded September 26th, 2013 @ 10:45am

Watch Commerce Guy's Bojan Zivanovic discuss The next big thing for Drupal: eCommerce. Drupal is well prepared to meet that challenge, with Drupal Commerce, a flexible framework developed from the ground up on Drupal 7, relying on powerful modules such as Views as Rules. On top of Drupal Commerce sits Commerce Kickstart, the most popular Drupal distribution, built specifically for eCommerce.

BACH To the Future: How Drupal Enables Open-Source Music
DRUPALCON Public Session

Recorded September 26th, 2013 @ 10:45am

Watch Commerce Guy's Robert Douglass discuss how Drupal enables Musescore - an open source project and a commercial company - to prosper with open source while leading a revolution in the centuries-old tradition of music notation. Then hear Kimiko Ishizaka, the Open Goldberg Variations pianist, on the piano bring the innovations to life!

Wunderkraut Casestudy : Ruutu.fi
Village Square Session

Recorded September 26th @ 10:30am

Tomi Kikola, Senior Developer with Wunderkraut walks us through a case study for Ruutu.fi, a TV Network in Finland who uses Drupal Commerce to deliver programing and customer service.

Bridge Building - The DrupalCon Way

So many came to the Commerce Village and took part in our "Bridge The Gap" contest. The goal was to build a a creative bridge using the blocks we provided and "Tweet" us a photo of it... and then let the public vote on which one(s) are the best!

Click here to view the bridges that got built and vote for your favorite. The top three vote getters win a Google ChromeCast.

Commerce Guys Photos from DrupalCon

We had a great time @DrupalCon Prague! We snapped as many photos as we could between all the meetings, demos... and beers that we all had.

Click here to view our photo album of the 4 days at the Con! Go ahead and tag yourself if you're in any of our shots.