Introduction to Commerce UPS for Shipping (Screencast)

For Commerce UPS Shipping you'll need:

  1. Enable the modules.
  2. Add weight and dimensions fields to your product type
  3. Create some products that have weight and dimensions (Don't try to do shipping quotes with empty weight or dimensions!)
  4. Configure the AES module with file-based encryption
  5. Configure Commerce UPS on the Shipping Methods page. You must enter default packaging weight and dimensions.
  6. PROFIT! Check some products out and see the shipping quotes work.
Posted November 22, 2011


Submitted by Balaji (not verified) on

Hi Randy,

I had install commerce ups and related modules, also setting up that one. After create a product types with weight and dimensions fields and products that have weight and dimensions. Then clear the cache. But i am not able to see the ups shipping in check out page. I missed anything in setting sections. Please help me.


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