Drupal Day Roma 2012

Walking into Drupal Day Rome at University Roma Tre was a great example of intelectual giants working with ambitious entrepreneurs. My lack of fluent Italian restricted me from a couple of the sessions, but from what I saw, both the business track in which I spoke and the technical track were full of motivated, enthusiastic Drupalistas.

While I was there I got to meet Cyril Reinhard (@cyrilCR) from Acquia, Marco (@marcogiaco) and Paolo (@paolomainardi) from Twinbit and Diego (@diego_banchero), Luca (@lussoluca) and Eugenio (@kmox83) from Wellnet. I also caught up with Vesa (@VesaPalmu) from the newly formed Wunderkraut, who are leading the charge for Enterprise Drupal in Northern Europe.

The talk was well received we had lots of interesting questions about Drupal Commerce after the talk and many people wanting training, so we may be back to Rome fairly soon.

I would like to thank the organisers: Wellnet, Twinbit, Bmeme and Nois3lab for accepting my talk and I am sure we will be there next year.

John K (@commercejohn)

John Kennedy's picture
Regional Director, UK
Posted December 13, 2012


Submitted by Eugenio Minardi ( (not verified) on

Hi Guys!

John it was a real pleasure to have you there, a big thank you from all the Wellnet team and all the organisation, I know of some people which came especially for you session :)

Of course we want you back next year!


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