Drupal Commerce warmly welcomed at DrupalCon Chicago

Following the release of the first stable version of Drupal Commerce, its lead developer, Ryan Szrama, gave the first overview of the platform for the DrupalCon attendees in Chicago. The session was highly anticipated, with many people telling us at the booth that it was definitely on their schedule. As a result, Ryan packed one of the conference room, attracting more than 450 people.

Needless to say that we at Commerce Guys were more than happy.

Ryan went through all the key points of the Drupal Commerce architecture, with an emphasis on the way Drupal Commerce integrates with Drupal 7 and aims at empowering developers, giving them enough options to build any kind of e-commerce implementation. Q&A was so intense that we had to continue answering questions in the hallway. Hours after the presentation, people are still coming at us to say that they are "blown away" by what they saw at the session.

Stay tuned for the next Drupal Commerce sessions in the Drupal and e-commerce events!

A video of the session is available through the website of the conference:

Drupal Commerce at DrupalCon Chicago from Ryan Szrama on Vimeo.

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Posted March 10, 2011