Drupal Commerce Ready to Build Stable, Drupal 7 Online Stores

Commerce Guys Says Beta Opens Floodgates To E-Commerce On Drupal 7

PARIS, FRANCE & SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 25, 2011 – Commerce Guys, global open source e-commerce software publisher and the leading force behind Drupal Commerce, announces release of a development-stable, beta version ready for building online stores. The beta is a stable path for developers, without changes to tables, fields, or APIs, and includes upgrade paths and automated testing. Commerce Guys would like to thank the community's developers for reaching this stable point so soon after the release of Drupal 7 last month.

“Drupal Commerce is now at a stable release, making it ready to build high-profile online stores,” asserts Damien Tournoud, CTO at Commerce Guys. “We already experience a lot of demand for e-commerce on Drupal 7 and we already see hundreds of stores getting built with Drupal Commerce.”

Ryan Szrama, VP of Community Development at Commerce Guys, claims, "Now is also a great time to get involved extending Drupal Commerce with custom modules for shipping, fulfillment, coupons, payment services, reporting, etc. Drupal Commerce is a very sound framework for e-commerce. The beta is a clear green light for developers to start building the vast toolkit of cool features and customizations!”

Commerce Guys to Demo, Train & Speak At DrupalCon, March 7-10, 2011

Ways to learn more about Drupal Commerce:

  • Visit the Commerce Guys booth on the exhibit floor for a demo, all week
  • Learn: on Monday the 7th, attend the full day of “Drupal Powered E-Commerce” training
  • Listen to Ryan's session, Thursday March 10th, on “Setting Up Shop on Drupal 7”

Speak with Ryan about contributed modules that leverage the flexible, developer-friendly architecture of Drupal Commerce. Join the dozens of developers kickstarting enhancements, adding functionality, providing support via IRC, the Drupal.org issue queue, and the DrupalCommerce.org site and forum to connect directly with the Drupal Commerce community through Commerce Guys.

Drupal Commerce is a new e-commerce platform that takes advantage of the capabilities of Drupal 7 (including fieldable entities, Views and Rules), based on the best platform for Social Commerce, the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Drupal Commerce is a community software initiative led by Commerce Guys that engages online visitors and converts visitors to customers, driving higher revenues for online merchants.

Test-drive Drupal Commerce today:

  • Access our demo site for a quick look at the front end, including dynamic product displays, the checkout process, and account creation / order history management.
  • Download the latest code from our project page on drupal.org to test it on your own Drupal 7 site.
  • Read about the latest features in Unveiling the Drupal Commerce Beta.
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Posted February 25, 2011

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