Tech Talks

A uniquely developer-focused series covering topics that zero in on new features and functionality being built with Drupal Commerce.

Tech Talks are held on Thursdays and we try to hold one atleast once a month.
Recorded - January 22, 2015
Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Solutions Architect

Next up in our ongoing Tech Talk Series: OpenID Connect.

Recorded - Nov 20, 2014
Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

Wanting to introduce an affiliate program to your store, but don't know where to start? Commerce Affiliate and Affiliate-NG are two modules that can help kick-start development of your affiliate program.

Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

Have you ever need to ship a partial order? What about orders that include both shippable and digital products or product pre-orders?

Speakers: Nick Vahalik - Technical Sales

So you've got your store set up, and now it's time to buckle up and get down to business. Content needs to be updated. Products need to be created and maintained. Orders need to be managed.

May 22, 2014
Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

In this Tech Talk, we take an in-depth look at Commerce Billy. Commerce Billy provides a simple yet elegant set of tools to build an invoicing system atop of Drupal Commerce, giving developers and site builders a pathway to creating custom-tailored invoicing systems for their sites. This allows for a wide range of functionality for use-cases such as usage based billing, online bill pay, tiered user account payments, and more.

Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

Like the name of the module implies, Commerce Bundle implements product bundles for Drupal Commerce. For example, you want to offer products A, B, and C for a lower cost if purchased together rather than standalone.

Speakers: Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales

Commerce License and the Digital Commerce Suite allows you to sell access to local resources (such as groups, nodes, or users) or remote resources (like access, data, or services) and provides a framework for creating new licenses.

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