Lean Commerce Reports

Lean Commerce Reports was a plug and play sales dashboard for Drupal Commerce. Unfortunately, our back end provider for data warehousing and visualizations was sold and changed its service in a way that prevented us from keeping the product live. Our long term roadmap includes rebuilding the product, but it is not live yet.

How did it work?

Installing the client module into your Drupal site let you start collecting site visitor traffic and completed orders immediately. Granting permission to administrative users on your site gave them access to the dashboard in your back office and to full reports. Optionally included support for multiple stores and / or multiple currencies.

The Lean Commerce Reports dashboard

Subscription levels

Lean Commerce Reports was available in two service levels:

  • LCR Starter. Features full data collection, the dashboard (with statistic blocks, sales graph, and summary tiles), and full reports for top selling products and top customers.
  • LCR Premium. Adds channel based filtering to all of the above for comparative sales and conversion analysis by channel (e.g. organic search vs. Facebook).

Pricing and availability

Lean Commerce Reports is not currently available due to changes at our data partner beyond our control. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow the Centarro blog to be notified if we're able to relaunch the product publicly. If you'd like to engage us to build similar features in your Drupal Commerce site directly, use the contact form below and we'll get in touch.

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