Commerce Kickstart 2.0 Contest Entry Submission

An Overview of Commerce Kickstart 2.0 from our contest submissions in 2013 Commerce Kickstart
Drupal Commerce, created by Commerce Guys, is the leading open-source eCommerce framework enabling e-retailers to build flexible, high-powered commerce sites based on Drupal.  Live on over 25,000 sites worldwide, Drupal Commerce provides a leading-edge framework for complex product, content, community and context management. 
Commerce Guys launched its breakthrough Commerce Kickstart 2.0 in July 2012. It’s an accelerated platform for the rapid development of Drupal Commerce-based eCommerce sites.  Commerce Guys created Commerce Kickstart 2.0 to be the one-stop free shop for rapidly creating powerful Drupal-based sites.  Within five minutes of using the program, users can have a demo store set up with a catalog that supports faceted search and great looking product detail pages.  The tools in Commerce Kickstart 2.0 can save crucial weeks of a company’s timeline when building their eCommerce site. Like Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is completely free and supported by an active developer community, and backed by Commerce Guys’ unmatched expertise.
The Commerce Kickstart 2.0 program comes with: product catalog management, shipping options, a faceted search, advanced product imaging including zooming and slideshows, international shipping, payment gateways and frameworks, taxes administrator tools and social media connections. 
Companies are able to add functionality and define their site’s layout using standard techniques.  There are a wide array of options for designing a page, selling products, billing and shipping to fit with every audience and type of company. 
Commerce Kickstart 2.0 provides a multifaceted, out-of-the-box baseline of functionality as a starting point for eCommerce sites with predetermined features and preselected configurations for dynamic, enterprise-level Drupal Commerce sites.  The platform runs on virtually any host and is easy to install.  It makes eCommerce sites easier to administer and faster to launch thus eliminating wasted time and headaches for teams who are creating complex custom development and module selection.  
Commerce Kickstart 2.0 provides a solid platform for multifaceted eCommerce, yet enables e-retailers to retain their individuality with enough control and flexibility for creative agencies and developers to customize sites in line with branding, design and feature-set goals.  
Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is not SaaS, it is an enterprise-quality product that puts more power into the hands of marketers. Changes that used to have to go through an IT request process can instead be made quickly with its easy administrative interface. 
By this submission in March of 2013, Kickstart 1 & 2.0 have been downloaded 146,786 times.   Over 25,000 sites feature Commerce Guy’s Drupal-based solutions. Drupal powers over 2.7% of the web, and Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is the single most popular distribution in the Drupal ecosystem – Meaning, of all the thousands of Drupal specialty software, Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is the leader.