Commerce Guys is an Authorize.Net reseller, meaning you can register now for an Authorize.Net payment gateway and/or merchant account at the pricing listed below. You must have a payment gateway account to process credit card and e-Check payments through Authorize.Net with one of our e-commerce solutions.

Accordingly, we develop and maintain the Authorize.Net for Drupal Commerce.

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account Fees:

  • One-Time Setup Fee: $99.00
  • Monthly Gateway Fee: $17.95
  • Per-Transaction Fee: $0.10

Estimated Merchant Account Fees:

  • One-Time Setup Fee: $0.00
  • Monthly Statement Fee: $9.95
  • Transaction Fee: $0.25
  • VISA/MasterCard Rate: 2.19%
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $25.00

Merchant account fees are assessed in addition to payment gateway account fees, but you can use an existing merchant account or another account provider with your payment gateway account.