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Apr 25, 2011
Two months after the initial beta, we've rolled a second major beta release (technically beta3) that should carry us into release candidate territory in the coming weeks. I'm very excited to welcome several first time contributors to Commerce in this release and especially the two entirely new Drupal contributors who finally made it into patch territory. Heck, even just posting an issue with a code correction in PHP tags works for me when you're just starting out.
Apr 5, 2011
International news about the launch of Drupal Commerce by Commerce Guys Click below to read the article *Please note: this article is in french
Mar 9, 2011
Spanish article about the launch of Drupal Commerce, innovative eCommerce solution for Drupal 7 Read the article by clicking the link below:
Mar 1, 2011
News about our Beta release covered by the French website Click the link below to read the article: *Please note, this article is in french
Feb 25, 2011
After the tremendous effort of a diverse group of contributors, I excitedly packaged up Drupal Commerce 1.0-beta1 in the wee hours of Thursday morning. A day and a half later, I'm still prancing around on cloud nine, gushing about Drupal 7 to my wife and showing the demo site to my friends who haven't a clue about Drupal (much less building websites at all).
Jan 31, 2011
A little more than a month after the last alpha release, we've released Drupal Commerce 1.0-alpha5. The big news this past month for the project was the Paris Commerce Sprint held in our offices from January 17-21. Thanks to the efforts of our stellar contributors, this new release contains roughly 200 commits. By the numbers, the sprint produced:
Jan 27, 2011
Coverage of Drupal interoperability with SQL Server, including Drupal Commerce Click the link below to read the article:
Jan 25, 2011
I'm back home in Louisville after a super-productive Drupal Commerce sprint that has left me feeling geeked and buried in pull requests - both good things! I still need to pull in those outstanding commits, roll a new release, and then post up some statistics on the week's activity.
Jan 25, 2011
Details on the addition of Drupal 7 Support for Microsoft's WebMatrix Platform, including Commerce Guy's Drupal Commerce solution. Read the full article at the link below:
Jan 25, 2011
Discussion on the launch of Microsoft's WebMatrix, with support for Drupal Commerce to manage eCommerce on Open-Source CMS, Drupal. Read the full article by clicking the link below: *Note: this article is in french