Virtual Views 7.x-3.x Sprint, May 24-28

Views 3 is currently in active development on Drupal 6 with a forward port to Drupal 7 spearheaded by Daniel Wehner (dereine) of erdfisch. It goes without saying that Daniel’s work to bring a solid Views 3 release to Drupal 7 is monumental, especially as the Drupal 7 release date draws nearer. However, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Next week, May 24-28, 2010, Damien Tournoud of Commerce Guys will be joining Daniel in an ad hoc virtual Views sprint. Each developer will be setting aside 20 or more hours for the week to knock out as many issues as possible in the Views 3 issue tracker. We’d love to see other individuals and companies depending on Views for building Drupal sites join in for the next week in the virtual sprint facilitated through the #drupal-views channel on

For our part, Commerce Guys has a vested interest in preparing Views for full use on Drupal 7 as early as possible. Most of the sites we build depend on Views for displaying content in a variety of fashions and even for building custom administrative interfaces for our implementations of Ubercart. Furthermore, we’re aggressively targeting Drupal Commerce for use later this year, and its core dependency on Views means we’ll do what it takes to make sure Views is ready as Commerce matures.

erdfisch is a Drupal development company based in Heidelberg, Germany, and they have built sites of all shapes and sizes on the platform since as early as 2005. As regular contributors to the community, sponsoring European DrupalCons / DrupalCamps and over 30 contributed modules, erdfisch has decided to merge resources with Commerce Guys to keep the Drupal 7 port of Views 3 moving forward. Daniel’s efforts have already been huge, and we’re all hoping for a very productive week as we seek to make this important module ready for use on the newest version of the greatest CMS we all love.

Join in as you can and feel free to contact us for more information.

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