Reiss adopts for PHP and Symfony based eCommerce applications

Largest Platform Enterprise (PE96) subscription required to handle up to 200,000 peak page views per hour, plus high numbers of authenticated users.

April 30th 2015, Paris, France - Today, Commerce Guys announces the adoption by Reiss of our 2nd generation Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for their online sales operations. Reiss is a high-end fashion retailer operating over 130 outlets across 13 countries in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Reiss have selected Enterprise for their online web-based applications, immediately moving the legacy PHP / Symfony 1 site (including node.js & ruby) on to a PE24/PE96 combination and migrating the new Symfony 2 application onto a similar cluster later this summer. The main reasons for this migration from the current hosting vendor relate to:
1) 99.99% uptime SLA, which is 10x better than other container based vendors
2) seamless scaling for peak periods (zero application downtime)
3) significant productivity improvements, enabling a change to the development regime that eliminates infrastructure management overheads and accelerates code through to production via better CI (Continuous Integration) enablement and 100% consistency between environments

This combination of capabilities allows the business to reduce overall development costs and de-risk changes into the production environment, reducing the potential for revenue loss and enabling revenue optimisation changes into live during peak traffic periods, providing enormous competitive advantage.

“The application management regime that this technology enables is a step change improvement, and does not require disruptive change within the development and support teams either, it’s straightforward to adopt.” said Ross Loughlin, Head of eCommerce, Reiss.

"We are extremely pleased that a global customer such as Reiss can move so much closer to its online business goals using This is exactly what we designed it to do” said Kieron Sambrook-Smith, Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager (Europe), Commerce Guys.

What is is a groundbreaking hosting and development tool for PHP web applications. It extends a branch-merge workflow to infrastructure so that every branch can be tested as if it were in production and live sites scale effortlessly to serve the most demanding traffic. Enterprise plans boast a unique, triple-redundant offering and 24/7 follow-the-sun support. Based on Open Source technologies, is ideal for agile software development, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Based in Paris, France, the company has technical, support and sales staff throughout Europe and the United States and provides cloud services to hundreds of companies in various areas including fashion, publishing, retail, travel, engineering and the public sector.

About Reiss

Since its foundation by David Reiss in 1971, Reiss has garnered a loyal following thanks to its heritage of exceptional quality and reputation for producing directional, design-led womenswear, menswear and accessories. Offering everything from fine tailoring to easy-to-wear relaxed pieces, the clothing brand has become a by-word for cool, contemporary style.

Today Reiss is a highly respected, prominent business in the global fashion arena for both men and women. The philosophy of holding creativity at its heart will guide Reiss through its international business development.

Reiss customers look for original and directional design with a strong focus on quality and detail. They expect impeccable service across all channels.

Reiss also has great pride in its celebrity following; from members of the Royal family to Hollywood stars, the Reiss offering appeals to the most stylish of celebrities.