Press for the release of Drupal Commerce 1.1

Commerce Guys, the leading eCommerce specialists with Drupal, has released new modules building upon the company’s extremely popular Drupal Commerce, a highly flexible eCommerce platform. Originally released this summer, Drupal Commerce 1.1 improves processes for store administrators and customers alike by extending the abilities of Drupal, a powerful, open-source web infrastructure and social publishing platform.

Drupal Commerce 1.1 features key updates to improve checkout and error process handling during online purchases. The company has also added Commerce Shipping 2.x, a second-generation module designed to work with Drupal Commerce to seamlessly calculate shipping rates on purchases.

“More and more companies are turning to Drupal for eCommerce—that includes small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies,” explains Mike O’Connor, co-founder Commerce Guys. “Drupal Commerce 1.1 and Commerce Shipping enhance Drupal’s abilities as a premiere enterprise platform. Once again, we are excited to bring these innovations to not only our customers, but to the vast, global Drupal community.”

The primary changes of Drupal Commerce focus on improving the customer experience. Updates to the checkout form help limit customer issues by troubleshooting the validation, submission and error handling processes with online purchases to dramatically reduce cart abandonment.

Other improvements benefit merchants by providing more options to customize the add-to-cart workflow and messages displayed to customers on form submission. The module received contributions from 30 developers in the Drupal community located across the world.

Commerce Shipping allows administrators to configure the availability of every shipping service offered by an integrated carrier, as well as modify the price for any related service to apply discounts, taxes and handling fees.
Both Drupal Commerce and Commerce Shipping modules are available for download at

About Commerce Guys:
Commerce Guys is the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal, a powerful open-source web infrastructure and social publishing platform. Commerce Guys' mission is to serve internet merchants by helping them leverage the power of Drupal for their online stores with cutting-edge technology, expertise, and open-source collaboration.

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