DrupalCon is for Introductions

DrupalCon is the biannual gathering of the world's top Drupal contributors and businesses, which makes it a great place for introductions - not just to the people present but also to Drupal itself. DrupalCon Copenhagen is no exception, with various pre-conference trainings and an entire introductory session track designed to help newcomers get up and running with Drupal.

We've benefited a lot in past years from sessions at DrupalCons introducing various Drupal modules and broader topics like internationalization, the semantic web, and project management strategies. This year Ryan will be present to introduce Drupal's core content type creation features. He'll present a "then" and "now" session that focuses primarily on using the new Fields system in Drupal 7 but also demonstrates the same functionality using CCK on Drupal 6. Other sessions include introductions to Drupal 7 (by webchick, no less!), various community oriented topics, internationalization, the semantic web, and using Drupal through the command line.

We'll also be joining several other development shops and teams to provide training on August 23. While the current conference schedule includes sessions touching on each of the training topics, none of these sessions will go near as deep as a full day of training from a professional team. Businesses looking to migrate their online stores to Drupal and individuals eager to use Drupal to build their next e-commerce site can join us on Monday for our Drupal Powered E-commerce training, our regular e-commerce training curriculum extended to address European business needs. Other trainings will instruct newcomers on Drupal security, performance, site building, and module development.

The bottom line is the first line: DrupalCon is great for introductions. Bear in mind that trainings have limited seating, and good session topics will often conflict on the final schedule. Plan ahead now to register for and attend the trainings and sessions that will make your Drupal introduction at DrupalCon Copenhagen a success.

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