Drupal Commerce Sprint 3 Wrap-Up

Our third Drupal Commerce sprint is over, the Fourth of July has been celebrated, and everyone has made it home. The second half of the sprint saw a handful of improvements to the checkout workflow and payment system, including the beginnings of PayPal support as a proof-of-concept integration. We were also joined by tcindie from Minnesota and mfer from nearby in Michigan who both managed to get some patches in on Friday.

During the course of our payment brainstorming, we had an extended discussion on ensuring PCI compliance for various checkout configurations. Damien roughed out a payment pane that accommodates credit card processing as a final step prior to checkout completion (or simple authorization earlier in checkout), and we began implementing PayPal Website Payments Standard through a special checkout page defined to handle redirected payment services. There's more work to be done in that regard, but interested observers can follow along with this week's tidying and completion in Ryan's repository.

The week included a good bit of project management, resulting in a set of issues to be worked on over the next couple of weeks and reviews of the two Google Summer of Code projects leading up to their midterm evaluations. Happily, we also had Bojhan on hand to produce some final mock-ups for the order administration, payment management, and shopping cart interfaces. In the issue queue, a picture is worth a thousand words and is surprisingly easy to develop against. His mock-ups can be found along with the other issues created and worked on during the sprint at http://bit.ly/dcsprint3. We'd love for more people to pitch in!

With payment development now well underway and a clear focus for our efforts through July, we still look forward to building Drupal Commerce stores soon after Drupal 7 is launched. We're eager to present the work in August at DrupalCon Copenhagen and plan to cover it in our Drupal Powered E-commerce training before the conference.

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