Drupal Commerce now used in over 10,000 Sites

Commerce Guys’ Module Now Fastest Growing in Drupal eCommerce

Jackson, MI (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

Commerce Guys, the leading eCommerce specialists with Drupal, announces its highly flexible eCommerce platform, Drupal Commerce, is now in use in over 10,000 websites worldwide. Drupal, a robust, open-source web application framework and social publishing platform, continues to gain traction as a powerful eCommerce solution.

“Reaching 10,000 is a tremendous benchmark. It means the community and leading e-retailers around the world are increasingly turning to Drupal for more than content management and social publishing,” said Mike O’Connor, co-founder of Commerce Guys. “We created Drupal Commerce with the vision that it would one day become the standard in online commerce. We are excited to be getting closer to that vision with this important milestone.”

Drupal Commerce features unprecedented flexibility, scalability and security for conducting modern eCommerce. The module offers a range of capabilities, including the ability to upload catalogs of merchandise, accept payments online, integrate with shipping services and interact with customers. Through Drupal Commerce, online retailers have a leading-edge solution for complex product, content, community and context management. Integrated into 10,000 sites since its release in August of 2011, Drupal Commerce is leveraged by a wide variety of online retailers that sell shippable products, digital content, tickets, donations and more.

As an enterprise-grade platform with a proven track record of powering the busiest websites in the world, Drupal allows organizations to develop a strategic, long-term web strategy without the confines of proprietary systems. There are no licensing fees, saving many organizations hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in annual fixed-costs while providing unparalleled options and flexibility.

“eCommerce companies face a myriad of complexities, including what technologies are the best at integrating with their existing enterprise system. Drupal has the unique ability to keep pace with new advances. Open-source is increasingly invaluable as a new generation of technology solution-sets that can bridge proprietary barriers and offer long-term cost effectiveness,” said Ron Huber, Drupal technology veteran and president of Achieve Internet, a leading enterprise Drupal developer.

Drupal Commerce is available to developers, Commerce Guys’ customers and anyone in the Drupal community. For more details on the 73 updates included in this release, go to http://drupal.org/node/1417014. Drupal Commerce 1.2 is available for download at Drupal.org.

About Commerce Guys
Commerce Guys is the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal, a powerful open-source web infrastructure and social publishing platform. The mission at Commerce Guys is to serve Internet merchants by helping them leverage the power of Drupal for their online stores with cutting-edge technology, expertise and open-source collaboration.