Drupal Commerce Goes Live on Over 20,000 Websites

Commerce Guys’ innovative software passes milestone powering the next wave of eCommerce

Commerce Guys, an innovative eCommerce software company delivering products, solutions and services in Drupal, announces that its highly flexible eCommerce platform, Drupal Commerce, now powers over 20,000 websites worldwide. Drupal is an open-source Web infrastructure that drives powerful brand and customer experiences.

“We are so proud that there are now more than 20,000 unique sites using Drupal Commerce, all within the first 18 months of the platform’s launch,” said Mike O’Connor, co-founder of Commerce Guys. “We created Drupal Commerce with the vision that it would become the standard in online commerce. Its rapid adoption to reach this important milestone is evidence that we are closer to achieving that vision.”

Drupal Commerce provides a leading-edge framework for complex product, content, community and context management. The highly flexible framework supports rich, context-aware content for merchandise catalogs, complex online payments, shipping service integration and social interaction with customers. Drupal Commerce also offers freedom from assumptions and set-in-stone functionality to support advanced customization in line with companies’ unique objectives.

Many of the 20,000 sites leveraging Drupal Commerce were built using Commerce Kickstart 2.0 –a powerful distribution that provides developers and site builders with an accelerated launch pad into Drupal Commerce. With Commerce Kickstart 2.0, developers can quickly move to selecting modules that extend the capabilities of their site after establishing a strong baseline of functionality as a starting point.

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 features selected configurations and thorough documentation for the creation of a dynamic, enterprise-level Drupal Commerce site. The distribution features include: product catalog management, shipping options, payment gateways, administrator tools, social media connections and advanced product imaging for physical products—all with mobile-ready, responsive design.

“With Commerce Kickstart, we took Drupal Commerce and amped it up for quicker customization and deployment,” said Robert Douglass, director of product operations for Commerce Guys. “We created this solution with a predetermined set of options that align with merchants’ most high priority needs – their most common functional requirements – while also incorporating next-generation features.”

Drupal Commerce & Commerce Kickstart 2.0 are both available at no cost. For more details each of these products, visit http://commerceguys.com/drupalcommerce & http://commerceguys.com/kickstart .

About Commerce Guys

Commerce Guys is an eCommerce software company delivering powerful products and innovative solutions & services in Drupal, the open source content management and social publishing platform powering millions of websites and applications worldwide.

Featured in Gartner Inc.’s Cool Vendors in E-Commerce 2012 report, Commerce Guys’ mission is to serve Internet merchants by helping them leverage the power of Drupal for their online stores with cutting-edge technology, expertise and open-source collaboration.

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In 2019 Commerce Guys rebranded to Centarro.

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