Drupal Commerce alpha 5, a community effort

A little more than a month after the last alpha release, we've released Drupal Commerce 1.0-alpha5. The big news this past month for the project was the Paris Commerce Sprint held in our offices from January 17-21. Thanks to the efforts of our stellar contributors, this new release contains roughly 200 commits.

By the numbers, the sprint produced:

  • Over 65 issues created or updated with the dcsprint5 tag.
  • Over 75 commits from 8 contributors.
  • 68 files affected by 3012 line insertions and 652 deletions.

The full list of commits is available in the release notes. Additionally, the sprint resulted in non-code contributions, including a Git based contributor documentation and an outlined user interface guide. We also documented our user experience strategy and plans to reorganize DrupalCommerce.org as a marketing portal for the project instead of just a developer forum.

The release itself fills in a lot of the holes in the core modules' Token, Entity, Rules, and Views integration. As a result we ended the sprint with the shopping cart form being entirely generated through Views and anonymous checkout settings being removed from the Checkout module in favor of an entirely Rules based approach.

In fact, in addition to other developers contributing to Drupal Commerce, we're doing our best to contribute back to the projects we depend on. This latest release resulted in a flurry of patches to Rules to support user account creation during the checkout process, so testing those Rules (that are disabled by default) will require a bit of patching until fago can clean me out of his queue.

Other high points of the release include currency conversion support and tax calculation working through Rules, improvements to the shopping cart API, and a pane for providing account information during checkout. In the run-up to beta, we're currently converting our "info" data structures to arrays, prefixing all of our custom fields, and doing generally disruptive schema changes that make me glad we're not maintaining database updates until beta.

Thanks again to all of the contributors. We've had a very productive month, putting us in a good position for our DrupalCon Chicago roadmap. Anyone else looking to chip in to the 1.0 can find us in the issue queue or use the contact form on DC.org to get plugged into somewhere specific.

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