Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.0-rc2 (ahoy!)

For two weeks in the second half of July, I abandoned my laptop and sailed off to charted waters around the British Virgin Islands with my wife's family. After a retreat to paradise, it was a struggle to wade into issue queues instead of the surf. The snorkeling just isn't the same. Fortunately, the last week has been much more productive, and the scent of a new release in the water really perked me up.

In the last hour, I finally packaged up Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.0-rc2. It includes a variety of bug fixes from several new contributors, and it specifically addresses issues plaguing developers pertaining to our usage of the EntityMetadataWrapper. We wanted to propagate these fixes as soon as possible to help developers with contributed modules and sites currently in progress. Read the release notes for the nitty gritty details.

From the beginning of the project, one of our primary goals has been to ensure the core Commerce modules are usable out of the box in Europe and other markets outside of the United States. As such, we've paid special attention to issues around translation, currency conversion, and the calculation and display of international taxes (e.g. displaying product prices including VAT).

This release improves internationalization by providing an additional point of integration for currency conversion and by adding rounding for VAT style taxes at the unit price level to prevent rounding errors at the line item total and order total levels. These improvements were made thanks to a patch and feedback from users in the European community, and I can't wait to meet the people behind the user names in two short weeks!

If you have not yet registered for a pre-conference training at DrupalCon London, you can still register for our Drupal Powered E-commerce training to learn how you can use Drupal Commerce on your next e-commerce project. We'll be delivering the training with European usage in mind and will have the developers behind our latest Drupal Commerce sites on hand to answer questions, make shadow puppets, and perform parlor magic.

The quickest way to start testing Drupal Commerce is with the Commerce Kickstart installation profile, which has a new release to go along with the rc2. You can download it as a distribution of Drupal that includes Drupal Commerce and its dependencies, and it can create example content for you during the installation process. Happy testing!

By the way... has anyone proposed DrupalCon St. Thomas yet?