Community Corner: Drupal 8 Q&A Session

Ann Arbor, Michigan - April 5, 2013 --

At Commerce Guys, we encourage all the members of the team to be actively involved in the Drupal Open-Source community and freely give their time to support initiatives, work on contributed modules and speak at camps & cons.

Shannon Vettes, a key Partner Manager here at Commerce Guys, has involved herself in the next evolution of Drupal, coordinating as a PM for the Drupal 8 initiative. "We're very proud of her continued support within the Community." Said CEO, Fred Plais "She gives tirelessly to the project because she knows its success means our success."

As part of her efforts, Shannon is facilitating a Drupal 8 Questions and Answers panel on April 11 at 10am EDT. It will be an opportunity to find out about what's coming in Drupal 8 and hear status on key milestones. It's also a chance to learn how you can get involved in building the next major release of Drupal.

For more information on the session and to join the Google+ hangout, Click Here.