Commerce Guys Releases Faster, Easier Solution to Drupal eCommerce

December 20, 2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 makes Drupal Commerce platform more complete, faster to launch and easier to administer

Commerce Guys, an innovative eCommerce company delivering products, solutions and services for Drupal, has officially released Commerce Kickstart 2.0. Commerce Kickstart is an accelerated launch pad for the open-source eCommerce framework Drupal Commerce, enabling rapid creation of today’s most advanced eCommerce sites.

“Commerce Kickstart 2.0 takes all of the core strengths of our flexible eCommerce framework, Drupal Commerce, and makes it easier to use and quicker to deploy for e-retailers,” said Mike O'Connor, president for North America of Commerce Guys. “Leveraging an open-source technology with an engaged community like Drupal was a huge asset when shaping the beta product into what Commerce Kickstart is today.”

Perfecting Commerce Kickstart 2.0 for launch was a meticulous team effort by Commerce Guys, led by Drupal Commerce expert Bojan Zivanovic.  The beta release then underwent user testing from over a dozen participants in the Drupal community. In all, over 40 developers contributed to the project in order to enhance the distribution. Although the beta was only released in August, over 2,650 websites are already reporting their use of Commerce Kickstart 2.0.

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 saves organizations weeks of time launching dynamic eCommerce sites with the control and flexibility to be customized to fit any Internet merchant’s goals for branding, design and feature sets. From its intuitive, user-friendly admin screens to its new approach to order comments, Commerce Kickstart encapsulates years of Commerce Guys’ eCommerce experience. The end result for e-retailers is a faster means to get eCommerce sites running with leading-edge functionality. Commerce Kickstart is perfect for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to hit the ground running. When combined with Commerce Guys’ enterprise support offerings, it is a great solution for companies of all sizes.

The Twitter community has been buzzing about Commerce Kickstart’s prowess for months:

  • 15 Jun, Paul Johnson ‏@pdjohnson: Packing serious punch @CommerceGuys new Commerce Kickstart 2.0 should be a deal changer for many
  • 22 Jul, Trys Mudford ‏@trysmudford: The Drupal Commerce module is lush. Especially packaged in the Kickstart. So easy to setup an eCommerce system that does what you want
  • 2 Aug, Johnny van de Laar ‏@johnnyvdlaar: Really amazed by #DrupalCommerce Kickstart...this is how #drupal should come out of the box
  • 21 Aug, Jim Smith ‏@JimSmith_WATE: Just installed the new #Drupal Commerce Kickstart beta release with #Omega subtheme. In a word: Wow!!
  • 24 Aug, Kristof Van Roy ‏@kristofvanroy: Commerce Kickstart 2.0 has by far the best admin theme I have ever seen in Drupal. Good job @CommerceGuys
  • 29 Aug, betz ‏@behets: Trying out Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2.0... one word: amazing! Kudos to the @CommerceGuys
  • 5 Sep, bert boerland ‏@bertboerland: Can #drupal be a good webshop? The short answer is "browse for yourself!", the long answer "yes"
  • 1 Nov, Bobs Coins & Jewelry ‏@wholesalebobs: I'm very impressed with Commerce Kickstart 2. Extremely flexible and powerful eCommerce system. Great job @CommerceGuys!

Commerce Guys will be holding a webinar coinciding with the release of the software Thursday, December 20, at 10:30am and 3:00pm EST. The webinar will demonstrate the power and flexibility of Commerce Kickstart for conducting eCommerce. To register, click here.

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