Commerce Guys releases Drupal Commerce 1.0

Commerce Guys, the leading provider of e-commerce solutions for Drupal, released Drupal Commerce 1.0 today. Drupal Commerce is the first E-Commerce platform natively developed for Drupal 7. Drupal Commerce 1.0 was made available today on

Drupal Commerce is a set of modules turning the latest release of Drupal, Drupal 7, into a highly flexible E-Commerce platform. Drupal Commerce leverages Drupal to provide extensive E-Commerce features including product content management, order management, payment processing, personnalization and product search. The strengths of Drupal as a content management system are kept intact and both systems behave as one: Drupal Commerce is tightly integrated with the core of Drupal, which means that Drupal best practices are also valid with Drupal commerce, as well as the thousands Drupal modules that are already available.

“Drupal Commerce is a huge step forward for E-Commerce on Drupal, we reached significant levels of scalability, extensibility and maintainability. At this point, Drupal Commerce is fully production-ready” says Ryan Szrama, VP of Community Development at Commerce Guys.

"Drupal Commerce turns Drupal into a modern open source e-commerce platform" says Frederic Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys. "Catalogs and carts are not enough, online merchants need content management, flexible workflows and channel management, as well as more ability to interact with customers. This is what Drupal Commerce is about".

Even before this release, Drupal Commerce was already powering E-Commerce for more than 2,500 Drupal websites. This number has been growing sharply since july 2011, and is poised to accelerate with the release of the 1.0 version.