Commerce Guys is proud to announce the arrival of Randy Fay as Director of Product Development

We are very proud to announce that Randy Fay has joined Commerce Guys as Director of Product Development.

Randy has been developing software since 1981 and websites since 1994, and has used a pile of different languages and operating systems. He's fascinated by computers and software and the practices that lead to successful project development. He got really active in the Drupal community after an epic 14,000 mile (22,000 kilometer) bicycle journey with his wife Nancy from the far north of Canada to Argentina, documented on his Drupal site

In the Drupal world Randy contributed extensively to Drupal 7 core and maintains several modules including Examples for Developers, a collection of teaching examples which explain to developers in the simplest possible way how to use key Drupal APIs. He's a regular presenter at DrupalCons and DrupalCamps, speaking on AJAX forms, best practices, debugging, and Git. A member of the Drupal Infrastructure and Documentation teams, he's also involved with the CVS to git migration. His formal education includes a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Randy will start his mission with Commerce Guys at the occasion of the Paris Drupal Commerce sprint.