Commerce Guys Partners with Yottaa, Inc. to Bring Fast, Scalable and Secure eCommerce Acceleration Service to Drupal

Yottaa for Drupal Commerce offers significant performance gains and high site availability to growing eCommerce websites Yottaa, Inc., the cloud performance and security company, has partnered with Commerce Guys to integrate an eCommerce acceleration offering into Drupal Commerce, the eCommerce framework for Drupal. The offering will be included in Commerce Kickstart, the quickest way for companies to get up and running on the Drupal Commerce platform, in November. It will also be available on

The new offering brings benefits to Drupal Commerce merchants in three strategic areas:

Performance: Faster web pages; improved user experience; improved site conversions and search engine rankings;

Scalability: Improved ability to handle high traffic volume, serve users, process transactions; and a reduced load on site infrastructure.

Availability: Resilience by preventing site outages and page errors; Ability to serve users across all geographies, devices, browsers, platforms.


 Yottaa “Yottaa is helping us turn Drupal’s already robust web platform into an even more powerful—and fast—foundation for eCommerce success,” said Frederic Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys. “Our customers take their eCommerce seriously, and Yottaa ensures that they can continue to operate and make money online without worrying if their site is ready for holiday traffic, marketing campaigns and other performance and scalability challenges."

Yottaa is an easy-to-use cloud service that brings speed, scale and security to any commerce site. It accelerates sites for faster page loads, a better user experience and higher search engine rankings. It prevents sites from failing under heavy loads or even attacks. It scales any web infrastructure to a global cloud network with over 20 locations. And, Yottaa watches your site 24x7 and provides real time visibility into site problems.

“We at Yottaa are pleased to be partnering with Commerce Guys as they build a network of offerings for Drupal Commerce sites.” said Coach Wei, CEO of Yottaa. “Their commitment to provide the highest quality site enhancements through the Commerce Marketplace will help merchants increase their revenues without sifting through endless untested options.”

About Yottaa

Trusted by over 85,000 websites, Yottaa’s all-in-one web optimization solution delivers speed, scale, security and actionable insight for any website. Our customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; and protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers. Yottaa is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and top-tier venture capital firms.

About Commerce Guys

Commerce Guys is an innovative eCommerce software company delivering products, solutions and services in Drupal, an open-source Web infrastructure that drives powerful brand and customer experiences. Featured in Gartner Inc.’s Cool Vendors in E-Commerce 2012 report, Commerce Guys’ mission is to serve Internet merchants by helping them leverage the power of Drupal for their online stores with cutting-edge technology, expertise and open-source collaboration. Visit us at Follow us (@commerceguys) on Twitter and Facebook. Be a part of the movement at

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