Croatia's Leading Team of Drupal Experts


  • http://www.ctdistribucija.hr/

    Complete Business-to-Business solution for a wholesale hardware company.
  • https://webtravelmarket.com

    Complete Drupal 7 project from the ground up. Implemenation and integration of various features, such as - Commerce shop, import of a large custom database of over 300,000 records, Apache Solr, custom design and performance boosted hosting.

We are the largest Drupal shop in Croatia (EU), housing 9 team members and
steadily growing. Included in our team are some of the top developers and
designers in the field.

Our main services include,
Drupal Architecture and Planning
Drupal Web Development and Design
Drupal optimized Server Hosting
Drupal consulting.

Leo Burd, PhD
MIT Media Lab
Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 4646 482
Gračanska cesta 183, Zagreb, Croatia (EU)