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    Flamenco Tickets is exactly what the name implies; they sell tickets to Flamenco shows across Spain. In addition, you can pre-pay for dinners, drinks, etc at certain locations.

    The Professional Disc Golf Association has thousands of members nationwide with hundreds of courses, and their website manages all of it. The site is commerce-enabled and they sell products (discs, apparel, magazines, etc) as well as club memberships.
  • Roomify

    Bluespark developed a booking solution on top of Drupal+DrupalCommerce. We sell custom distros to vacation property owners at, so that site is a commerce site, as well as every distro sold.

    ITALY is everything Italy, and authentically Italian, in one grand scale content-driven commerce site.

Large-scale web sites and applications that work well, feel right, and look
great are the kinds of projects that excite us at Bluespark. Our approach
merges user experience (UX) and interaction design, creative user interface
(UI) and mobile UI design, Drupal 7 and 8 site building, Drupal Commerce, and
custom Drupal module development. Our favorite projects look a lot like our
corporate values:

Complexity and Flexibility. We deftly handle whatever our clients throw at
us—and we do it with flexibility and speed. We love to dig into large,
highly customized projects like migrating Integrative Nutrition’s
infrastructure (with over 1.5 million content pages) to Drupal 7, applying UX
best practices to university sites to appeal to a wide range of users, and
developing the TripAdvisor Insights portal for TripAdvisor.

Beauty and Creativity. Whether it’s a fantastic French wine, a provocative
work of art, or an elegant line of code, we see the beauty in it. It’s no
surprise, then, that some of our favorite projects have been for travel
companies, cultural institutions, music, media, fashion and art. We think a
Web site should be like a high-performance sports car: Lovely to look at and
powerful under the hood.

Culture and Travel. International flavor and travel is core to who we are as
a company. With offices in the United States and Italy and with team members
based in western Europe and the Americas, we bring an international
sensibility to web development for travel industry clients like TripAdvisor,
Roomify, and Italy Magazine.

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